Frequently Asked Questions

May I request a specific tutorial?

Where can I find your old PhotoFiltre tutorials?

  • Apologies, but the tutorials and downloads made pre-2020 were lost in the pandemic. Those tutorials no longer exist, but you can find a few archived YouTube tutorials from back in the day here:
  • But don't worry! The same principles and techniques explored in my previous design tutorials will continue to be provided here.

What are your social handles?

How is Thunder Tutorials different?

  • I plan on having updated tutorials on programs and apps that are user-friendly to trends and tech use in 2021.
  • Doing so will include original PhotoFiltre tutorials, perhaps digital art, step-by-steps, etc.
  • What will concert photography be in a post-COVID world? Who knows! I'll write about that and provide photo advice.

How can I support your work?